In-Company Training

Tailor-made courses and workshops

Many companies already have teams of experts trained in event management, marketing, communication, human resources, who are dedicated to designing unique experiences and who also help their organisations to strengthen their brand image.

However, most companies (both large and small) are constantly adapting to the new challenges and digital transformation that the events sector is currently experiencing.

At Novelty Spain, we have more than 40 years of experience in the audiovisual sector, and we are committed to training teams and reinforcing their audiovisual knowledge to guarantee the success of your face-to-face, hybrid or virtual events, through our In-Company Training service.

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Why do you need to incorporate In-Company training in your company?

  • Because there is a talent gap in the audiovisual sector in events. The reality today is that there are not enough virtual event experts on the market to meet the needs of companies, especially in newer sectors such as virtual reality, augmented reality, virtual stages...In-company training helps to fill these gaps and ensure that your entire workforce is up to date.
  • Because you will be able to tap into the talents of your team. Many companies don't have the professional expertise to cover all their event organisation needs, but hiring new staff isn't always the solution. Adding new staff is a costly process and, as we have just seen, there is a shortage of these workers in the market. But this strategy also fails to capitalise on the talents you already have in your team. Your veteran workers know better than anyone else how your company works and represent your brand values. To be able to give the best of themselves, they just need to catch up with In-Company Training.
  • Because we are in a constantly evolving industry. Today's most up-to-date event management expert could be outdated in just one year's time. The reality of the events industry is constantly changing and evolving: new technologies, new equipment, new behaviours, new regulations, new formats? That's why being willing to train and recycle yourself continuously is essential to succeed in this sector.
  • Because it helps you to build a happier company. Employees who have the opportunity to learn and develop on the job are more motivated, bring positive energy to the team and are less likely to leave the company. Thanks to In-Company Training, you can help create a happier and therefore more productive team and company.

How can we help you at Novelty Spain?

Our In-Company Training service is the tailor-made training we offer to companies with the aim of increasing the knowledge of their teams in the organisation and technical production of an event. It is a totally personalised training where we take into account the specific training needs of the company.

The most common formats are trainings, masterclasses and workshops, always adapting the dynamics and contents to the team to be trained. In our sessions we cover all technical and audiovisual areas:

  • Audiovisual trends in events. A review of what is happening in the sector in real time and what are the most promising tools and strategies for the future. Essential for keeping up to date and achieving better results.
  • Lighting. Lighting continues to be as important a part of conveying your message as tone of voice and body language are in interpersonal communication. If you want your event to have a big impact on your audience, this is one of the most effective ways to evoke emotion. Help your team get the most out of your event by introducing the latest developments in this discipline.
  • Sound. When it comes to communicating, having a sound system that allows all attendees to hear everything a speaker has to say is essential. Find out how to get the best out of it for your event.
  • Image & Impact. With this training you will learn all the secrets to use the best audiovisual support for your event.
  • Rigging. Rigging is a fantastic resource. Take advantage of the insights to carry out first of all a safe event and of course to learn how to optimize the use of the "venue" or place where you are going to organize your event.
  • Virtual reality and augmented reality. Catching the attention of your attendees, impacting them with your message and making it stick in their minds is possible with these two tools. In our In-Company Training, we tell you how to develop your strategy from minute one.

Through this expansion in knowledge of technical and audiovisual production, your team will be able to enrich the strategies of the company's events, achieve greater control over the investment and have better criteria in decision-making. If you want to take advantage of all the benefits of In-Company Training, please contact us.